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A playful & provocative venue by the Wilderness





A playful and provocative venue
The Wilderness.

Nocturnal Animals is the second venue conceived by Alex Claridge to create a fun and inventive experience.

Inspired by 80's pop culture, Nocturnal Animals offers a culinary journey with ingenious drinks, bold flavours and an Afternoon Tea unlike any before. 



Our menu is playful and influenced by Japanese and Chinese cuisine with a healthy dose of junk food. It’s an accessible and thoroughly modern approach to fine dining with fun at the heart of it.




A 'tongue in cheek' take on Afternoon Tea, with bold and memorable flavours, expect a playful take on the clichés and contradictions of Afternoon Tea.

Afternoon Tea is served in tasting menu format in our modern and unique bar area, the experience consists of a selection of sweet and savoury elements with additional options for champagne and cocktails.

This experience is offered at £28 per head and will last approximately 1.5 hours. 



Cocktails driven by flavour above all else.  If it ain’t tasty, why bother?

Our drinks menu offers modern drink making focused on big flavours and fun.

Our current cocktail list – fruit gone wild – is a fun and lively tribute to six fruits, with illustrations from collaborator and local artist Fokawolf.

For the non-cocktail drinker, we offer a range of carefully selected wines, beer and spirits – including a variety of rare and hard to find fine spirits and our own house beer.  An exciting and diverse non-alcoholic menu is also available.



Don’t miss out on the latest upcoming events and shindigs at Nocturnal Animals…

23rd January - Afternoon Tea Networking Event

24th January - Filthy XIII from 7pm

25th January - Burns Night Dinner

29th January - No Rules

31st January - Vegan and Vegetarian Dinner

31st January - Out of Office Networking Event

14th February - Valentine’s Dinner